Campaign for the Zurich museums

Challenge: In connection with the new appearance, the Verein Zürcher Museum Heads commissioned Corporate Branding with a campaign to promote the new website and to lure the people of Zurich into the museums. The association’s conviction: In the diversity of Zurich’s museums, everyone can find something that really appeals to them.

Solution: Heads took this conviction very literally. “Discover the museums and find yourself.” This was the campaign approach, for which photos from the museums were to provide proof. Heads graphic designer Marco Martoglio caught up with reality in his research for the campaign: In the Swiss National Museum he suddenly stood in front of a hundred years older “Me” and realized that the campaign idea was not an advertising exaggeration. He had not only found himself, but had unexpectedly become the first campaign subject.

Result: Managing Director of the Zurich Museum Association, Nicole Mayer: “We receive extremely positive feedback on the campaign from our museums. And the motifs not only make a statement, they already inspired museum visitors to imitate them.” (see photo)

Heads Corporate Branding AG: Brand communication Zürcher Museen


Germany’s largest design and publishing magazine PAGE commented:
„A campaign eye-catcher: when image idea and content mesh perfectly.“


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