Unity amidst the diversity of a full university

Challenge: The University of Zurich is celebrating its 175th anniversary with more than 300 events which will be organized by seven departments and the university’s many museums. This diversity should be presented in a uniform manner so that every event contributes to the university’s reputation.

Solution: Because the university’s communication is extremely decentralized, including for the anniversary celebrations, and because the faculty has a great deal of freedom when it comes to design, Heads developed an easy-to-use communication design and a wide range of design templates. This makes it easy for everyone involved to present their individual topics while still integrating them into the university’s overarching identity.

Result: All of the different departments and areas of the university use the design templates, allowing the university to present itself uniformly despite its diversity. According to the University of Zurich’s rector, this is the first time in 30 years that the university has been able to present itself with such strong unity.


Brand communication


Universität Zürich