The first truly digital brand

Challenge: Namics AG has decided to rebrand. After the initial pitches from other agencies, which were rather conventional, they contracted Heads to develop a truly new and innovative form of branding. Namics is characterized by innovation, and they also want this innovative capacity to be clearly communicated through the company’s image. Another one of Namics’ requirements: the brand must also clearly convey the high degree of employee involvement as well as the dynamism that defines the company’s culture and quality.

Solution: Heads translated the Namics team’s high degree of employee participation into a “living” brand. The employees could use different channels to submit ideas for a dynamic slogan that would also be used as the logo. The employees’ ideas were submitted via Twitter, Spider, text message and the intranet. After a format check, the ideas are entered into the system and become part of the dynamic slogan as formatted output. This slogan is then displayed on the screens and the website in real time. New phrases are continually pulled from the idea library for printed materials. Each employee’s business card only features that employee’s ideas.

Result: Namics has the first-ever real-time corporate identity and truly digital corporate brand. The new brand design received a Red Dot Design Award – Europe’s most prestigious design award.


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Namics AG


Branding as an expression of a dynamic identity:
Namics case study (PDF, 2 MB)