Swiss watches in Mandarin

Challenge: The watch company Watches of Switzerland, with locations in Lucerne and Palma de Mallorca, is primarily geared toward tourists, and mainly tourists from China who want to buy a watch that was “Made in Switzerland” on their trip to Europe. Because these customers often learn about the different watch stores available while they are traveling, the website needs to work well on all mobile devices.

Solution: The website is available in Mandarin, English, and German and conveys a sense of Swissness, which is highly esteemed in China, by showcasing impressive Alpine landscapes. The watch range and the locations of both watch stores are presented in a clear, straightforward way.

Result: The website directly guides customers to the stores and allows the customer to have a look at the selection of watch brands offered before they walk through the door. This saves the customer time and also makes it possible for the watch shop to use the time available to serve the customer more efficiently (bus trips for Chinese tourists generally schedule little time for shopping and short stays in any one place).


Digital branding


Watches of Switzerland