Successful branding for the new online desk for Swiss companies

Challenge: The Confederation, cantons and municipalities are working together to reduce the administrative workload for companies in Switzerland., the online desk, is taking advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalization and simplifying the exchange between companies and the authorities. Heads received a contract from the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) to create a name and a brand appearance and design a website for this online platform.

Solution: Heads came up with a list of possible names and checked whether or not they were correctly understood in different regions of Switzerland. Once the name EasyGov was chosen, Heads developed a logo, brand appearance, website and informational texts for the platform. Every aspect is designed to offer the maximum possible usability. The name really says it all: it should be extremely easy for users to use the platform. They must be able to understand and carry out the processes and procedures as intuitively as possible. In order to achieve this, all of these aspects are evaluated in accordance with the latest user experience criteria. In order to make Swiss companies aware of the advantages of the platform, Heads created an informational video that shows how easy, fast and secure Easy-Gov is in just 180 seconds.

Result: EasyGov was launched by Johann Schneider-Ammann, head of the Federal Department of Economic Affairs, and was immediately met with positive reactions. The headline in Der Bund was: “Goodbye bureaucracy stress – goes online”. The SRF Tagesschau called EasyGov a tool to “fight the bureaucracy monster”, and the NZZ wrote: “A bit late, but nevertheless the government is sending companies a message with this portal. Thanks to the Internet, you can now hope that the bureaucratic nightmare will be streamlined.” The platform was also very positively received by the target group, Swiss companies, from the start: just two weeks after the launch, 1,169 companies had already registered on


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