Storytelling entices clients

Challenge: Zeit Zone Zürich, founded in 2003 and based at Kreuzplatz in Zurich, sells, repairs and refurbishes a huge range of watch models. Growing online competition had made it difficult to differentiate on the internet. Heads was commissioned to rework Zeit Zone Zürich’s online presence and align it with the brand positioning Heads had developed.

Solution: Zeit Zone Zürich’s online presence positions it as a leading ‘workshop for the art of watchmaking’. Heads decided that the way to achieve this was through storytelling, so it wrote up the team’s – and the clients’ – fascinating stories about watches. The website is constructed as a blog, communicating the team’s enthusiasm for watches with history and the passion all employees feel for precision craftsmanship.

Result: Clients find the watch stories captivating. Many new clients are coming to the workshop via the website, and turnover from repairs and refurbishment has rocketed. To be able to cope with the number of orders, Zeit Zone Zürich has had to expand the workshop team. As a result of greater footfall, sales of watches have also enjoyed growth.


Digital branding


Zeit Zone Zürich AG