Redesign for a more clearly differentiated brand experience

Challenge: Bataillard is the largest privately-owned wine importer in Switzerland, with a product range of more than 2,000 items and annual sales of around 13 million bottles. Two of the company’s most popular wines – Senza Parole and Silentium – were often mixed up because their labels were very similar. Both are full-bodied red wines with a logo that resembles an antique Celtic symbol. Senza Parole, Bataillard’s undisputed bestseller, would keep its design, while Bataillard tasked Heads with redesigning Silentium’s label.

Solution: Silentium’s label was redesigned so that the wine could be clearly differentiated from Senza Parole, while at the same time ensuring that Silentium lovers would still be able to find their “calming” wine at their favorite wine retailer. The calm, composed lettering is complemented by an emblem that references the Norman traces that can still be found in Apulia. Different variations were created for Silentium Riserva and Silentium Bianco.

Result: Thanks to the differences in font and logos, it’s easy to tell Silentium apart from Senza parole. And with the striking logo, which is similar to a cross, the Riserva and white wine are clearly connected to the Silentium brand.


Brand design