New positioning means higher turnover

Challenge: Zeit Zone Zürich, founded in 2003 and based at Kreuzplatz in Zurich, sells, repairs and refurbishes a huge range of watch models. Market conditions have not become any easier in recent years, with growing online competition depressing margins in watch sales. Heads was commissioned to develop a clear brand strategy for Zeit Zone Zürich and refocus communication on its differentiating core competences.

Solution: Our analysis showed that the company could not create sufficient differentiation through selling watches. We found that Zeit Zone Zürich’s differentiation potential lay in its refurbishment work; often highly complex, it is carried out with great enthusiasm. The team is fascinated by working on watches with history, providing a unique service through its expertise and accreditation in this area. On occasion, even watch shops on Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich’s main shopping street, are delighted to give the Kreuzplatz firm one of their ‘problem children’ to fix. Zeit Zone Zürich was therefore repositioned as a ‘workshop for the art of watchmaking’, while the focus of its annual magazine was geared towards the art of watchmaking. The emotional value that watches acquire through their history stands at the heart of communications: like the story about the IWC that crashed, on its owner’s wrist, in a biplane in Africa and was carefully restored at Zeit Zone Zürich.

Result: Clients are lapping up the stories that Zeit Zone Zürich tells: since the new customer magazine was published, Zeit Zone Zürich has been almost overwhelmed with refurbishment orders. The team has had to expand so that orders can be completed within acceptable times for clients. Zeit Zone Zürich has established itself as Zurich’s first port of call for refurbishments and repairs to watches that hold a lot of meaning for their owners.


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