Multilayer logo for UZH’s 175th anniversary

Challenge: The University of Zurich wants to celebrate its 175th anniversary and hires Heads to develop an anniversary logo.

Solution: While researching the anniversary, Heads finds out that the university is planning to introduce the abbreviation UZH in the near future. Heads recommends incorporating that abbreviation into the anniversary communications. After all, this is a unique opportunity for the university to present itself as a whole. As a result, Heads developed an anniversary logo that captures the celebratory nature of the anniversary, introduces the new abbreviation, and conveys the interdisciplinary nature and diversity of the university as a whole through its overlapping colors.

Result: The anniversary logo works for all of the required areas of application for the anniversary celebrations. And after the anniversary, which was communicated through a wide range of measures, the population of Zurich is familiar with the new abbreviation “UZH”.


Brand strategy


Universität Zürich


Making the strengths of the university come to life:
UZH case study (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Heads Corporate Branding AG: UZH 175-Jahr-Jubiläum Brand Strategy