Mission statement for the growth course

Challenge: STOBAG is the leading manufacturer of shading systems for balconies, terraces, winter gardens and facades. The company is continuously growing with award-winning and high-quality products. The new CEO – he is the third generation to run the family business – wants to update the mission statement together with his newly appointed executive team. The mission statement should correspond to the traditional SME from Muri, but also take into account the high ambitions of the new generation.

Solution: The relevant questions are clarified in several management workshops and the core of the company is defined by using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle approach. Using archetypes, the company’s attitude and role are recorded and a draft mission statement is drawn up. This draft is then finalised by comparing it with the assessments of employees, business partners and customers evaluated in Heads’ Brand Profiling.

Effect: The new mission statement not only corresponds to the ideas of the management, but also takes into account the perception of the employees and the wishes of the business partners and customers. This makes it particularly resilient. Formulated to be particularly suitable for everyday use, the mission statement now forms a solid foundation for the implementation of the growth strategy.


Brand Strategy