Merger: finding mutual strength in disparity

Challenge: MS Mail Service AG and rbs Solutions AG planned to merge. They wanted the new, 900-strong company to become the leading full-service provider in customer relationship management and e-commerce. In terms of repositioning the company, Heads was commissioned to analyze both corporate profiles, identify common denominators, position the new corporate brand and, in a first step, communicate this convincingly in-house.

Solution: A comprehensive brand profiling process (creating an internal and external view of each company, identifying how the merger partners perceived each other) found that although the companies were very different, they complemented each other perfectly. Employees and clients of both companies felt that each lacked qualities that characterized the other. Our analysis showed that the merger would lead not only to critical mass, but also to greater depth and breadth in performance. After analyzing the merger’s potential, we then reviewed the potential for market differentiation, extrapolating from this the brand strategy, which we encapsulated in a catchy, viable brand promise.

Result: The brand profiling and resultant brand strategy provided the merger with broader-based support in terms of content. The merger enjoyed much more acceptance from employees of both companies – ultimately, each company had important values to contribute, benefiting the merged company and the new corporate brand.


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