Lost in the wilds of Zurich

Challenge: Grün Stadt Zürich, German for “Green City Zurich”, works together with other organizations to offer city residents more than 200 events and excursions into the forests surrounding the city every year. From a tomato seedling market to feeding baby bats, there’s something for every nature-loving city dweller. The organization wants to launch an ad campaign to inform the people of Zurich about what Grün Stadt Zürich has to offer.

Solution: Heads picked the most exciting moments from the 200 events and used them to advertise the organization’s diverse program on posters and with a movie trailer. The “Green Calendar”, which was available on the city’s website and on Facebook, was also distributed as a brochure around the city.

Result: The varied and highly informative range of offers from Grün Stadt Zürich received more attention and inspired the residents of Zurich to take a walk on the city’s wild side.


Brand communication


Grün Stadt Zürich