Individuality on the market

Challenge: As a result of the new brand identity defined together with Heads, Heyde decides to update its brand design as well and hires Heads to incorporate the company’s new strategic approach into its corporate design.

Solution: A symbol that represents Heyde’s commitment to working together closely to advise their customers becomes part of the new logo, and the purple color of the symbol highlights the individuality and creativity that is possible through close cooperation. A unique font makes the brand easily recognizable, while bold accent colors convey Heyde’s dedication to finding solutions that are tailored to the customer’s needs. Rather than showing images of satisfied customers as previously, Heyde now uses images to express the unique nature of their customers’ concerns.

Result: The new design has received a great deal of positive attention in the industry and offers the company a lot of individuality in the market environment. Heyde, which previously viewed itself as rather unassuming, is now perceived as much more confident.


Brand design