Increasing market impact through a clear profile

Challenge: AMAG has a scattered brand image and a variety of individual product and service brands. Customers are confronted with different AMAG departments, which in turn have different brand interpretations. The wide range of independent sub-brands makes brand management extremely diverse and expensive. Customer surveys have shown that all of the sub-brands are primarily perceived as AMAG brands, that these sub-brands generally result in confusion, and that AMAG has a vague brand profile.

Solution: In a brand workshop with top management and representatives from the different areas of the company, we looked at how the AMAG brand is perceived, and analyzed the potential in the similarities between the different brands and restrictions resulting from the differences. Even though the perception of the brand values and the brand personality differed at the time, the different areas of the company agreed on the direction they wanted the brand to take in the future. AMAG therefore decided on a single-brand strategy. Heads created a brand promise that was derived from the realistic target core understanding of the brand, is relevant for customers (determined through customer surveys), and truly sets the brand apart from the competition. From this comprehensive brand analysis, we were able to determine success potential and guidelines for all of the areas to be integrated. The new AMAG brand promise was communicated through a television commercial and other measures. The focus of the new AMAG communication was not only on cars but also on the people who rely on AMAG every day for their mobility needs. In the spots and other measures, a wide variety of people offer moving glimpses into some of the happy moments in their lives

that were made possible by their cars; mobility opens up new worlds, offers freedom and gives us access to a socially and personally fulfilled life. In this way, mobility is connected with extremely positive emotions that are consciously activated in the brand communication. And AMAG’s role is to enable and ensure access to this highly valued mobility. The communication was supplemented by a Switzerland-wide banner campaign that used a contest to urge participants to share their most wonderful personal moments as car owners on a microsite. People from throughout Switzerland submitted 5,600 stories, and thus 5,600 glimpses into highly emotional, personal stories of their relationships with their cars. Heads then systematically analyzed, evaluated and clustered the text from these stories. The result is a valuable basis for making marketing and brand communication decisions. With this in-depth knowledge about the Swiss population’s car-related emotions, AMAG is able to address the feelings of existing and potential customers more precisely when it comes to market devel-opment.

Result: The single-brand strategy and clear message of being a customer-oriented service provider did more than just increase the impact of AMAG’s market development: thanks to the greatly simplified brand structure, AMAG can now act more quickly and efficiently. They now only need one-fifth of the design variants they needed before. The new message has also been received extremely warmly by the customers. After the rebranding, AMAG is perceived as being significantly more attentive, less complicated, more solution-oriented, and more competent.