From NOK to Axpo

Challenge: In order to entrench the renaming of Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke AG to Axpo AG internally, Heads was hired to prepare the employees for the upcoming rebranding. Manfred Thumann, CEO of Axpo AG: “We need to get to the point that our employees invest as much of themselves in Axpo AG as they have in NOK.”

Solution: The employees were told about the upcoming rebranding at the kickoff event at Maag Music Hall. Senior management talked to more than 1,200 employees from across Eastern Switzerland in person about why they had decided to rebrand the company. As a symbol for the lasting significance of the NOK tradition, which is now being combined with the modern Axpo brand to create something new and unique, Swiss rapper Bligg performed together with the traditional Swiss string ensemble Streichmusik Alder.

Result: The employees – including many who have been with the company for years and feel a strong emotional connection with the century-old NOK brand – are ready to accept the new brand.


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