Executives mobilize for new mobility

Challenge: In a management event, the 280 executives were to be informed about the company’s status and the current cultural transition towards digitization and new mobility.

Solution: In cooperation with AMAG Group Communication, Heads developed an event dramaturgy that gave a vivid picture of the strategy and the year in review. The event also offered the chance for an intensive exchange among the executives. Heads created an event design concept for the event in line with AMAG’s corporate design. For an update in digitalization, a Swiss business journalist from Silicon Valley was connected via Skype to convey her impressions of what “next big thing” could play a role for AMAG. And in order to strengthen participation, the plenum voted on the top management’s future theses. In the second half of the event, an interactive workshop offered all participants the opportunity to contribute to the main topics of the business; customer satisfaction, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Result: 280 executives are up to date with the company’s status, strategy and culture. In a survey, 98.8% of managers rated the event as good to very good and 97.6% described the content as relevant to their day-to-day work. More than 80 ideas to the further development of the company were developed during the workshop.