ETH Zurich greets the future

Challenge: ETH Zurich is celebrating its 150th anniversary by taking the celebrations to the city center. The university will be presenting fantastic “Worlds of Science” in Platzspitz Park near the Swiss National Museum. Furthermore, scientists at the ETH location in Hönggerberg will be holding an open house in their labs. The ETH wants to make people aware of these events and attract as many visitors as possible.

Solution: Heads developed the anniversary brand “Welcome Tomorrow” and communicated the variety of anniversary activities that the ETH was offering.

Result: The communication regarding the anniversary resulted in large visitor numbers in Platzspitz Park and at the Hönggerberg labs. ETH Zurich on its website: The anniversary was not just a ceremony for the few but, rather, an event for everyone throughout the entire year. Large and small events, glimpses into the past, and visions for the future.


Brand communication


ETH Zürich