Digital information center and port of call for addiction problems

Challenge: Employees with psychological issues stemming from alcohol or drug use or misuse of pharmaceutical drugs are not isolated cases. It is estimated that between 3 and 5% of all employees in Switzerland are addicts, and that between 10 and 15% exhibit high-risk consumption habits. Curaneo was founded in 2016 and specializes in providing therapy for employed persons who are struggling with addiction. The innovative, short-term day clinic therapy offer helps to combat addiction in the workplace and reduce the additional costs of treatment and personnel expenses for the employer. Curaneo needs a website to offer persons suffering with addiction, as well as their loved ones and their employees, a chance to quickly obtain information online in a non-committal, discrete way.

Solution: After analyzing more than 70 rehabilitation center, detox clinic and day clinic websites from around the world, Heads developed Curaneo’s website, which primarily serves an informational purpose. The website is inviting and reduces inhibitions when it comes to this taboo topic. The innovative treatment concept – a combination of outpatient and inpatient treatment in combination with full-time work and a social life – is at the heart of the website. The offer for patients, referrers and employers is presented in detail in a Q&A format. The addiction experts are introduced on the website, which conveys Curaneo’s professionalism. A blog is continually updated with the latest news and insights on the topic.

Result: Curaneo’s website helped to clearly set their treatment concept apart from previous approaches to psychological issues and substance abuse, and it conveys the professionalism and discretion that Curaneo offers its patients. Curaneo was quickly embraced by persons struggling with addiction who are employed full-time, which resulted in a high level of demand from the start. Employers and HR specialists who work with employees who are facing addiction have also demonstrated a great deal of interest and are benefiting from the institution’s expertise.


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