Design consistently aimed at highlighting customer benefits

Challenge: AMAG has a scattered brand image and a variety of individual product and service brands. Customers are confronted with different AMAG departments, which in turn have different brand interpretations. Customer surveys have shown that all of the sub-brands are primarily perceived as AMAG brands, that these sub-brands generally result in confusion, and that AMAG has a vague brand profile that is not sufficiently customer-oriented. AMAG decided to vastly shift their perspective: in terms of the products offered, the brand needed to address the needs of the customer.

Solution: In a brand workshop with top management and representatives from the different areas of the company, Heads looked at how the AMAG brand is perceived, and analyzed the potential in the similarities between the different brands and restrictions resulting from the differences. Even though the perception of the brand values and the brand personality differed at the time, the different areas of the company agreed on the direction they wanted the brand to take in the future. AMAG therefore decided on a single-brand strategy. A special AMAG font allows for increased recognition, and a fresh color palette based on the tones used in the AMAG trademark contributes to a harmonious integration of the products into the overall corporate communications. The images used would also become more emotional and lively: the focus of the new communication was not only on cars but also on the people who rely on AMAG every day for their mobility needs.

Result: Heads developed a new design and created a brand promise that was derived from the realistic target core understanding of the brand, is relevant for customers (determined through customer surveys), and truly sets the brand apart from the competition. From this comprehensive brand analysis, we were able to determine success potential and guidelines for all of the areas to be integrated. Dino Graf, Head of Corporate Communication at AMAG: “Heads truly understood our internal organization and was able to consolidate it from the customer’s perspective. The agency’s 360-degree approach, open lines of communication, and willingness to work together closely with their clients leads to powerful results – something that is now clearly visible from the outside as well.”