Customer magazine for Zeit Zone Zürich

Challenge: Zeit Zone Zürich, the workshop for watchmaking art, wants to be remembered by all its customers at least once a year. To this end, Heads has developed a customer magazine about watches and the meaning of time. The two previous editions each led directly to a significant increase in customer frequency and a correspondingly higher utilization of the workshop. The third issue should also succeed in activating customers through relevant topics and new perspectives on the watch business.

Solution: Thanks to new and interesting watch models created in a Japanese-Swiss cooperation, the main topic was quickly found: “Where Japan ticks like Switzerland.” And to find out more, Heads asked the Japanese ambassador in Switzerland for an interview. Ambassador Kojiro Shiraishi was happy to provide information – on the potential of cross-border cooperation and on his personal perception of Switzerland. The Japanese ambassador is used to completely different print runs. Until 2019 he was president of the media conglomerate Yomiuri Shinbun, to which the daily newspaper of the same name belongs. With a circulation of over ten million copies, it is the newspaper with the highest circulation in the world. In the magazine, the ambassador comments on the many opportunities for cooperation and is convinced that the combination of Japanese precision technology and Swiss design innovations, for example, has the potential to conquer the world market.

Result: The third issue of the magazine also attracts a lot of attention and functions as a magnet for Zeit Zone Zürich with its store and workshop on Zurich’s Kreuzplatz.


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