Core company values go global

Challenge: Because the external perception of service providers is greatly shaped by the behavior of their employees, Swiss Re decided to implement an internal program to motivate their employees and inspire them to incorporate the brand promise in their daily work. The goal is not to force a uniform behavior on the employees using check lists, but rather to prompt a sustainable change in behavior by helping each individual employee feel a connection to the company’s core values.

Solution: The individuality and personality of each employee is at the heart of the global program. The employees can interpret the values for themselves based on their experiences. This allows the core values to lose their abstract distance and makes them lively and livable without robbing the employees of their individuality.

Result: The measures are successful. Within 24 months, twice as many employees are familiar with the core values (from 42% to 85%), while 83% of the employees agree with the following statement: “There is a clear and consistent set of values that governs the way we do business.”


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