Communicating post-merger range of services

Challenge: MS Mail Service AG and rbs Solutions AG had merged under the name MS Direct. The 900-strong company is a full-service provider of tailor-made solutions and comprehensive services in customer relationship management and e-commerce. Heads developed the new brand’s positioning and was commissioned to create a content and design concept for the company brochure. The brochure needed to present a convincing argument for this corporate merger.

Solution: The company brochure shows the history of both companies and how their skillsets complement each other. Introducing the values of the new company, MS Direct, it shines a spotlight on the products and services offered by CRM, customer services, direct marketing, e-commerce and logistics. The brochure has a clear design with red and blue dominating, inspired by the colors of the new corporate logo.

Result: MS Mail Service AG and rbs Solutions AG speak with one voice through MS Direct and a new design. The brochure shows existing and potential clients that MS Direct can offer them holistic solutions from a single source thanks to its unique performance spectrum.


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