Colorful design for the Martin Foundation

Challenge: The institution, which is based in Erlenbach, Switzerland, gives 137 adults with mental disabilities unique options for living and working. Heads created a new logo and slogan for the foundation and was also hired to modernize the foundation’s entire brand image.

Solution: A bold, positive color palette successfully conveys the Martin Foundation’s liveliness and diversity and the individuality of the foundation’s residents. The communication strategy also takes into account the special requirements of accessibility: a system of pictograms was developed, the signage system uses color combinations that also work for the visually impaired, and both the labels and signage system can be easily read from wheelchair height. Furthermore, Heads also developed a website with an extensive web store that presents the products that were made with love by the foundation’s residents in an attractive way.

Result: The new branding conveys the institution’s confidence in a very unique way and has significantly improved the communication both internally and externally.


Brand design


Martin Stiftung