Collecting the best stories about the joys of car ownership

Challenge: AMAG wants to allow customers to experience its new positioning and its stronger focus on customer orientation in a compelling way online as well.

Solution: AMAG invites every Swiss person who drives a car to share their most wonderful car experience as part of a contest. In this way, AMAG demonstrates that they care about the emotions connected to driving a car, and also gets to find out precisely which car experiences result in the most important, lasting memories.

Result: During the contest, AMAG received 2,898 highly emotional car-ownership stories “for free” in just four weeks. The stories can be read on the website and powerfully demonstrate the kinds of strong emotions that are connected to cars and driving. Furthermore, we were able to cluster these 2,898 stories into 19 different “joys of car ownership”, which in turn provide AMAG with important information on ways to further improve the customer experience.