Attracting new employees through employer branding

Challenge: The automotive industry is suffering from a lack of skilled workers, especially in terms of technical specialists. AMAG wants to emotionalize its employer brand in order to strengthen the recruiting process.

Solution: An employee survey carried out in 2014 demonstrated that the employees considered their employer to be extremely attractive and were especially proud of the strong focus on customers and service in their teams. On this basis, Heads developed an employer branding video in which CEO Morten Hannesbo allowed dedicated employees to talk about why they like working for AMAG. This video convincingly demonstrates their team spirit and their drive to offer all AMAG customers excellent service.

Result: The video allows potential employees to experience the team spirit and the freedom to grow that AMAG offers. In terms of internal communications, the video acted as a sign of AMAG’s deep appreciation for dedicated employees who make the company’s success possible.