An IT consulting firm repositions itself

Challenge: Heyde, a specialist for system integration of standard software applications, is faced with an outdated brand with a lack of charisma. Because nearly all employees are in contact with customers on a daily basis, a clear, deliberate brand identity that employees can really get behind is extremely important for creating a consistent perception of Heyde as a company.

Solution: The agency communicates the perceived brand personality clearly through the employees, captures the company’s flexibility and openness to change, and compares the way they see themselves with the way customers and potential customers view them by surveying customers and partners. The brand personality allowed us to define the aspects that clearly set Heyde apart from the competition and that they can use to boost their profile among their target groups. Heads formulated a clear brand promise for all employees which highlights the way that Heyde advises its clients – collaboratively and solution-focused. Employees are consciously involved in the individual process steps in order to promote a sense of shared responsibility for the brand identity. The agency then used this as the basis to create a new appearance for the company.
As part of a behavioral branding concept, main areas of focus were defined and the behavior was determined in terms of the redefined brand. Through a series of workshops, the employees were made aware of the areas of focus and informed regarding the findings and the active contribution required of them in terms of behaviors that match the new branding. In order to use this knowledge as a working basis and make it available to all current and future employees, all of the findings were summarized in a booklet for each area of focus.

Result: By defining its brand values, Heyde and its employees not only increased awareness of the company but also acquired a basis for evaluation, action and decision making. Further cooperation focusing on individual topics not only strengthens the team’s communication skills and boosts team spirit but also helps the brand to maintain a sustainable, tangible and clear profile both internally and externally. A confident design language offers Heyde additional stature, which has an appreciable positive impact reflected in the form of a new structure for new client inquiries.
Pascal Urban, CEO of Heyde: “I was surprised at how quickly Heads repositioned our brand in a targeted, differentiated way, which also served to motivate our employees.”


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