An attractive backdrop for real estate management

Challenge: UTOREM (Utoquai Real Estate Management) is an independent real estate service provider that develops and manages property on a contracted basis. Heads was engaged to create a new corporate de-sign and website to bring the brand’s identity to life and establish it long-term, both offline and online.

Solution: Heads created a new logo, font, corporate color scheme, suitable imagery and online presence. When designing the logo, the team was inspired by constructivism, an artistic movement from the early 20th century. With its close links to interior design and architecture, it was a good fit for the world of real estate. The warm, gentle shades of the corporate color scheme contrast with the power of the logo, cultivating ambiance and a feeling of proximity. The imagery enhances UTOREM’s identity and incorporates architectural themes and activities related to real estate services. The website is made up of multiple pages and features the new corporate design. It focuses on structured corporate information and user-friendly navigation. The powerful imagery highlights UTOREM’s affinity for design.

Effect: The new corporate design marks the start of UTO Real Estate Management AG. The cutting-edge, visually appealing brand image is the ideal fit for the real estate industry, allowing UTOREM to highlight its professionalism and contemporary approach.


Brand Design