A uniquely target-group-specific positioning

Challenge: Employees with psychological issues stemming from alcohol or drug use or misuse of pharmaceutical drugs are not isolated cases. It is estimated that between 3 and 5% of all employees in Switzerland are addicts, and that between 10 and 15% exhibit high-risk consumption habits. Curaneo was founded in 2016 and specializes in providing therapy for employed persons who are struggling with ad-diction. The innovative, short-term day clinic therapy offer helps to combat addiction in the workplace and reduce the additional costs of treatment and personnel expenses for the employer. Heads was tasked with creating a name, logo and brand strategy for the treatment center.

Solution: The name says it all. Curaneo is derived from the Italian word “curare”, which means “to cure” or “to treat”. The suffix “neo” (from Greek néos = new) refers to the innovative treatment approach. For the new institution’s brand identity, Heads also created a brand design (logo, printed materials, company brochure, trade fair materials). The minimalist logo depicts a number of threads that come together to form a knot. This can be interpreted as representing the various aspects that go into a long-term solution. The logo runs from left to right, to a goal that can be reached by working together. The brand identity is discrete and informative. Discrete because psychological problems and addiction are taboo topics in the workplace, and informative because people struggling with addiction, as well as their friends and loved ones and their employers, can learn all about Curaneo easily and without any commitment. The company brochure is primarily informative in nature. It discusses the unique aspects of a day clinic and the combination of outpatient and inpatient treatment, such as how this form of treatment can be balanced with full-time work and a social life. And all in a language that appeals not only to potential patients and their friends and relatives but also to employers and other partner institutions.

Result: Curaneo’s brand identity has resulted in a clear positioning and set the treatment center apart from other offers for psychological problems and addiction. The name, logo and literature convey professionalism and discretion. Curaneo was quickly embraced by persons struggling with addiction who are employed full-time, which resulted in a high level of demand from the start. Employers and HR specialists who work with employees who are facing addiction have also demonstrated a great deal of interest and are benefiting from the institution’s expertise.


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