A uniform online experience thanks to the pattern library

Challenge: For the AMAG Group, it is becoming increasingly important to successfully position itself on digital channels and present its products and services in a professional and uniform way. Creating a consistent brand experience across all digital touchpoints is a challenge, especially given AMAG’s decentralized organizational structure with individual stock companies and their various communication needs. There are a variety of AMAG websites that need to be standardized and unified.

Solution: Using standard web elements and informative application guidelines, we will create a uniform online experience that makes it possible to offer a consistent AMAG brand experience across all digital touchpoints. In order to achieve this, we developed a pattern library – a browser-based library with all standard web components (e.g. call-to-action buttons, form fields and image galleries). The concept for this pattern library is based on Brad Frost’s “atomic design” approach and was implemented with the React Styleguidist framework. Nexum AG served as a reliable, competent partner for Heads when it came to the technical implementation of the corporate design in the pattern library.

Result: Thanks to the design components, which correspond to the CI/CD guidelines and are available as finished front-end components for digital projects, the brand has a consistent brand identity across all digital touchpoints – whether social media channels, websites for the various AMAG areas or app-based solutions. Because these components can be individually combined based on the channel in question, they still take channel-specific requirements into account despite standardization. This allows for an attainable, consistent brand identity, which in turn makes it possible to anchor and differentiate the brand values in the heads of consumers.