A strong identity for delicate harmony

Challenge: The Buechweid Foundation in Russikon in the canton of Zurich offers a second home to around 70 children and young people with learning disabilities and conduct disorders. The home is to be transformed into a foundation. This is an opportunity to change the way the 106-year-old institution sees itself.

Solution: Heads summarized the foundation’s identity as follows: “Wärme –Wachstum – Wege” in German, which essentially translates to “Warmth – Growth – Paths”. The brand image conveys the foundation’s hopeful voice. The delicate image also conveys a sense of the fragile harmony that requires the dedication of everyone involved in order to maintain its balance.

Result: The redesign of the Buechweid Foundation is well received. It allows the foundation to continue its century-old tradition as a boarding school and special-needs school while also developing new services and offers for parents, children and young people who all fit in under the foundation’s more broadly formulated identity.


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