A simplified corporate brand

Challenge: The international, traditional market leader for life insurance feels that it is time to update its corporate design. Alongside increasing general user friendliness, the uniform implementation of the design across the various cultural regions should be simplified. Corinne Pellerin, Head of Corporate Marketing at Swiss Life: “We decided to work with Heads because we were impressed by their clearly structured and pragmatic approach.”

Solution: Heads analyzed the country-specific needs and requirements in terms of communication and reduced the complexity of the existing corporate design to an acceptable and sensible shared denomi-nator. This made the corporate branding clearer and more effective: the secondary colors were reduced, basic design elements were standardized, and the literature concept was streamlined.

Result: Corporate design according to Albert Einstein: “Everything should be made as simple as possi-ble, but not simpler.” This allowed Swiss Life to make its means of communication less expensive, less complicated, and more efficient in terms of implementation. Swiss Life’s three national companies – Switzerland, Germany and France – appreciate that these simplified design specifications are also com-patible with the individual country-specific requirements.


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