A national center of competence in research demonstrates
its interdisciplinary nature in its logo

Challenge: The goal of the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) “Digital Fabrication” is to connect various digital technologies with the physical construction process. The project brings together the most talented scientists and researchers from the areas of architecture, structural design, material and computer sciences, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and robotics. Heads was hired by ETH Zurich to design a new brand for the NCCR.

Solution: The result is a design that conveys the interconnection of different technologies in a unique way. The logo is designed in a way that allows it to be used consistently for all future research projects and results, even those that are currently unknown. The connection of the letters “dfab”, which is the abbreviation for digital fabrication, symbolizes the interconnected nature of the different stakeholders and the interdisciplinary nature of the field of research.

Result: The new brand image is able to convey the interdisciplinary nature of research as a central feature of the innovative research being done at the intersection of architecture and construction. Matthias Kohler, Director and Research Director of the NCCR “Digital Fabrication”: “We were impressed by Heads’ systematic approach to corporate design development and they were able to create a brand for us that resonates with all of our extremely varied stakeholder groups.”


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