A magazine for clients who want to move forward

Challenge: Namics wants to update the name and layout of its client magazine. The publication should match the new corporate design and clearly position itself as an editorial product instead of a marketing brochure.

Solution: Heads suggested the name “Forward.” for the publication. The title is short and gets to the heart of the value of the magazine: “Forward.” offers inputs to clients who want to move forward. And, of course, the title reflects the world of the Internet: everyone who uses e-mail is familiar with the word “forward”. Heads developed a unique title-page concept: the title page only features the main topic of the magazine and stages it in an unexpected way with a full-page image. The rest of the magazine reflects the austerity of the brand design: Arial font and the use of the company colors limited to the article titles.

Result: The new magazine was met with a great deal of positive client feedback. They particularly appreciated the surprising, playful title page images. The austere design of the remaining pages, which are in stark contrast to the title page concept, clearly conveys that the information contained therein is beneficial.


Brand communication


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