A great deal of esprit for the pioneering institution for child protection

Challenge: The non-profit organization Espoir campaigns for the rights and wellbeing of disadvantaged children in the canton of Zurich. On behalf of the social authorities, Espoir assists more than 300 children and families in need every year. In 2012, the institution celebrated its 20th anniversary, and wants to take this opportunity to position itself more clearly and update its corporate image.

Solution: Espoir’s new brand design is overflowing with esprit: it is colorful, inviting and child-friendly. This underlines the philosophy that children are always at the heart of what Espoir does.

Result: Espoir’s employees are pleased with the new branding and it is easier for the target groups to find information about the services and offers provided by Espoir. With its new brand design, the pioneering institution in the area of child protection is once again leading the pack.


Brand design