A dynamic brand image

Challenge: Heads translated the Namics team’s high degree of employee participation into a real-time corporate identity. Employees could use different channels to create dynamic slogans that will also be used as logos. This concept will be implemented consistently across all aspects of the brand.

Solution: In order for the dynamic slogan to work across all applications, Heads chose the system font Arial. Despite the use of a system font, the targeted use of colors and a clear structure create an independent, unmistakable corporate design.

Result: The Namics design worked perfectly. In the international community of branding specialists, there is a debate as to whether or not the sole use of Arial is acceptable. Ethan Allen Smith from Portland, Oregon: “This branding is absolutely diabolical. And I mean that as a high compliment.” Brian Pelsoh from Milwaukee, Wisconsin: “Arial, really? Typography teachers everywhere just died a little bit.” And Joey Vestal from Reno, Nevada: “It’s perfect for a web-based company. It’s unique. Very clever. I like it. Namics.” But, even more important than the feedback from experts in the field of branding, Namics now has a unique corporate design that is inexpensive to implement and makes the impressive corporate culture clearly visible from the outside.


Brand design


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