A consistent focus on the Far East

Challenge: Watches of Switzerland is part of Excellence Holding AG, a holding company that unites small, elite companies from the watch and jewelery industry under a single roof and helps to further develop them. The first Watches of Switzerland store in Lucerne is primarily directed toward tourists from the Far East and offers a wide range of high-quality Swiss watches in the affordable luxury range. Heads was tasked with creating a visual brand for Watches of Switzerland and designing both the store interior and the website.

Solution: The website is culturally oriented toward Chinese tourists and is available in Mandarin, English and German. However, because Watches of Switzerland not only wants to target tourists from the Far East but Swiss customers as well, Heads found images which convey a sense of Swissness that is attractive to both target groups. The photos show impressive, untouched Swiss mountains and snow-covered landscapes which convey a feeling of calm and confidence that perfectly matches the product portfolio.

Result: Watches of Switzerland has a website that not only works well for its first store in Lucerne but also makes room for possible expansion into other Swiss cities and a focus on Swiss clientele.


Brand design


Watches of Switzerland