A confident brand for the Martin Foundation

Challenge: The institution, which is based in Erlenbach, Switzerland, gives 137 adults with mental disabilities unique options for living and working. It was time to replace their outdated logo. The new logo needed to promote the self-confidence of the residents of the Martin Foundation. After all, the residents of the Martin Foundation are active, creative and productive and refuse to let their disabilities limit them.

Solution: Heads developed the logo with lots of help from the residents of the Martin Foundation. They designed the letters that were used in the logo. Some of them drew the letters themselves, some used templates and colored them in. In this way, we came up with six different logos made of hand-drawn letters. Heads also found the perfect slogan for the institution: “Anders mit Aussicht.” In German, this new slogan not only confidently communicates the idea of “otherness”, but the word “Aussicht” has two meanings: it refers to the breathtaking view over Lake Zurich from Erlenbach, where the foundation is located, as well as to the residents’ prospects for the future.

Result: The residents and the entire staff are proud of their newly conveyed self-image. The Martin Foundation’s branding has become a perfect example of consistent, integrated branding for social institutions.


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