A brand goes back to school

Challenge: The new brand needs to convey the dynamic nature of the Zurich Teachers’ Association (ZLV), come across as fresh and also appeal to younger teachers. Furthermore, ZLV President Lilo Lätzsch feels that the website is outdated.

Solution: Even though the content is the most important thing for the ZLV, this can be combined with a modern, attractive brand to have an even greater effect. With this in mind, Heads developed a brand for ZLV that corresponds to the liveliness and diversity of the organization and its members. At the same time, the solution needed to be simple enough that the organization’s administrative office can apply it quickly and inexpensively.

Result: The President of the ZLV on the new brand image: “The old logo was a bit old fashioned and difficult to use due to its width. I am very pleased with the young, modern feel of the ZLV’s new branding.”


Brand design


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