70 years of Porsche experience

Challenge: The Porsche Service Center of AMAG Schinznach-Bad celebrated the 70th anniversary of Porsche in a unique way; with the world’s only Porsche meeting with the presence of a sports car from every year since the beginning of Porsche. The presentation of the 70 models was made possible thanks to AMAG’s friendly contacts with its Porsche customers. This unique moment should be documented for all Porsche fans.

Solution: Hoping for good weather at the Porsche meeting and with the commitment of two “very fast” photographers, Heads planned to take pictures of all 70 cars at the event and present them in an anniversary book. The weather was perfect at the event and the book shows all the models at the meeting in Schinznach-Bad, supplemented by technical fact sheets and interviews with drivers who explain their very personal Porsche fascination. AMAG’s Head of Communications, Dino Graf, added text that offer an insight into Porsche history in Switzerland and the brand’s model history. Old Porsche ads complement the retrospective of the 70-year Porsche history. Our Design Director, Marco Simonetti, had the wonderful task to create a book from the history of these automotive design classics that would look particularly good on the sports car fan’s club table.

Result: The 280-page book captures the magic of this extraordinary anniversary event and is very popular among the Porsche fans. AMAG uses the book to illustrate the shared enthusiasm of AMAG and its customers for the iconic sports cars from Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen.

Heads Corporate Branding AG: AMAG Brand Communication – 70 Jahre Porsche